Free Pyris with DSC 8000/8500 Purchase

Receive a FREE Pyris 1 Thermogravimetric Analyzer with DSC 8000 or DSC 8500 Purchase*

PerkinElmer’s DSC 8000/8500 Differential Scanning Calorimeter will deepen your insight with exclusive technology. Responding to your need for greater sensitivity and accuracy. It features our proprietary double-furnace technology, which directly measures the change in heat flow of the sample. And with the most precise energy measurements over the whole temperature range, it gives you new insights into materials to meet your most demanding applications.

The DSC 8500, features second-generation HyperDSC® technology. Now you can gain unlimited insight into the structure, properties and performance of your materials. Request for a Quote Today!

*For a limited time, PerkinElmer is offering a FREE Pyris 1 TGA when you purchase a DSC 8000 or DSC 8500 Thermal Analyzer. Please use promotional code TEA15081802, offer expires January 3, 2016. Offer valid in United States, Canada, Central America and South America. Fill out the form to Request a Quote to learn how you can get a FREE Pyris 1 TGA to create a the best solution for your laboratory.

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