New Porcine Screening Kit for Quick, On-the-Spot Results

With the growing Muslim population, the ability to provide safe and nutritious food is a global concern. In addition to being free from forbidden components such as pork and alcohol, food needs to be healthy and nutritious for Halalan toyyiban. Consumers should be confident that every aspect of their food, including the ingredients, processing and handling, is done meeting requirements. Thus, there is a need for reliable testing to help ensure peace of mind for everyone from manufacturers to certification bodies to consumers. PerkinElmer's advanced technology can help in this effort. Our instrumentation offers unmatched detection limits, while our screening detection kits offer quick, reliable results, efficiency and ease of use from the world's most trusted leader in food analysis.

Adding to the technologies currently available for food analysis, PerkinElmer now offers two breakthrough Porcine Detection Kits to provide rapid screening for pork that may be present in other types of meat. This provides on-the-spot testing for processed or raw meat, and provides quick results with high sensitivity, before sending samples to the lab. With religious requirements adding an additional layer of surveillance and concern, certifying agencies, contract laboratories, and food manufacturers will find this helpful in assessing the purity of meat products.

Key Benefits:
  • On-the-spot screening for pork in other types of meat
  • Fast, easy-to-use, and cost-effective tool with high sensitivity
  • Two detection kits available – raw and processed meat
To learn more about the screening for pork in other types of raw or processed meat view video of the kits in action.

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