Maximize Lab Efficiency with Unparalleled Speed & Stability

Analysis of Drinking Water

When your instrument is more efficient and productive, so too are your scientists and your lab. And nothing puts the flow in your workflow better than the NexION® 350 ICP-MS. 

Operation is simple. Virtually any sample can be analyzed. And results are faster and more accurate for greater confidence.  

Three modes of operation—Standard, Collision and Reaction—give you ultimate application flexibility and allow you to select the level of sensitivity you need without compromising speed.

  • Triple Cone Interface produces the industry's most tightly focused ion beam and prevents sample deposition on internal components
  • Quadrupole Ion Deflector turns positively charged ions 90° into the Universal Cell and filters off neutrals
  • Analyzing Quadrupole made of a unique steel alloy for negligible thermal expansion
  • No extraction lenses to clean for minimized maintenance

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Environmental E-Zine: Special Edition
The NexION 350 Series ICP-MS