NonTargeted Screening For Food Fraud Webinar

Adulteration for economic gain has been on the rise in recent years.
While real-time detection is great for testing known unknowns, how do you begin testing for those things that you don't know...the unknown unknowns? During this 15 minute webinar, Robert Packer, Food Solutions Development Leader at PerkinElmer shares the latest in nontargeted screening and why if you are not doing it today, you should be.

Speaker & Topics

Robert Packer, 
Food Solutions Development Leader 
PerkinElmer, Inc.

After receiving his PhD in Materials Chemistry from Imperial College London, Robert joined PerkinElmer as a requirements engineer for the thermal analysis product line, before moving to infrared analysis as a project manager. He then moved from the UK to the US one year ago working as a food solutions developer.

  • Increase in food fraud requires more testing
  • Nontargeted screening for known and unknown adulterants
  • Real-time detection determines exactly what is in your sample


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How do you test for adulterants you don't know...the unknown unknowns?

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