PerkinElmer – a global leader in multianalyte screening for metabolic disorders

Since 2002, PerkinElmer has provided tandem mass spectrometry solutions for expanded newborn screening. Cumulatively, more than 40 million babies in 35 countries have been screened for inborn errors of metabolism using PerkinElmer products and services.

Dedicated MSMS instrumentation, software and reagents kits

PerkinElmer provides all instrumentation, software, and reagent kits for newborn screening of the most common amino acids and acylcarnitines. In addition, a dedicated customer support team is available to assist in the implementation and use of tandem mass spectrometry for newborn screening.

NeoBase™ non-derivatized assay with amino acid and acylcarnitine standards and controls

The NeoBase™ non-derivatized kit is supplied with 25 internal standards and 23 dried blood spot controls, and easily supports the measurement of succinylacetone with the addition of Succinylacetone Assay Solution. In total, NeoBase can measure more than 40 analytes.

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Products presented are not available in Japan. Products may not be available in some other Asian or Latin-America countries. Please check availability from your local PerkinElmer representative.

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