USP 232/233 Practical Considerations for Compliance

You most likely already know the basics of USP 232 and 233, the new chapters on elemental impurities — limits and procedures. This new webcast will focus on the practical considerations of using the full suite of trace metal analytical tools to comply with the new requirements in a GMP environment. You will learn about the tools available to rapidly get your operation compliant — how to choose the right technique, how to use the PerkinElmer J value calculator, the critical role of 21 CFR Part 11 compliance software, and how you can simplify the setup, calibration and maintenance of your system.

Speakers and Topics    

Tim Cuff, 
ICP-MS Business Development
Manager, North America
PerkinElmer, Inc. 
Key Learning Objectives
• How to calculate the J value to set up your analysis

• How using a method SOP template can give you a great head start

• 21 CFR Part 11 compliance plays a critical role – a closer look

• Understanding the role of an intelligent auto-dilution system in making your job easier and provide higher- quality results

Nathan Saetveit, 
Elemental Scientific 

Kevin Kingston, 
Senior Training Specialist
PerkinElmer, Inc. 

Laura Bush 
Editorial Director

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Duration: 60 minutes