Are you ready for USP <857>?

Universal Operational Qualification (UOQ) A Harmonized Approach

Imagine the ability to streamline your documentation across all major models of laboratory instruments, regardless of manufacturer. The OneSource UOQ for UV Protocol and Qualification Report offers an automated, fully configurable, fast and secure method to qualify your laboratory instruments utilizing your existing data acquisition system.

Don’t Risk Non-compliance

UOQ for UV is the simplest and quickest way for a laboratory to ensure you are compliant to the new USP Chapter 857 while maintaining compliance to European and Japanese specifications for UV-Vis spectrophotometers.

This new USP Chapter introduces performance specifications that have never been required in previous USP publications. It became effective May 1, 2015.

UOQ for UV can be delivered on any standard UV-Vis Spectrophotometer made by PerkinElmer or other manufacturers.

Webinar Highlights
  • Learn what’s changed
  • How to be compliant
  • View a walk-through of PerkinElmer’s compliant solution
  • Plus live Q&A
Paul Coombes, RSM
Global Product Manager
OneSource® Qualification Services

Webinar Details

Thursday, June 25

8:00 am New York (EST)
1:00 pm London (GMT)
2:00 pm Berlin (CET)