VIDEO: New Approaches to Quickly Screen and Detect Dairy Adulteration

FACT: Over 121 known milk adulterants have been identified. (USP Food Fraud Database) 

Today most companies test for melamine, but what about the other 121 known adulterants or the ones we don’t even know about yet – the unknowns. Fraudsters are very smart and will try all different types of adulterants to boost protein levels in milk and milk powders. 

LEARN from our Food Experts about 2 new approaches to help detect and deter dairy adulteration that can easily be implemented into your process – from screening incoming raw material to detecting and confirm the adulterants.

Spotlight on Dairy Fraud

In this Video you will learn about:
  • Two new approaches for screening and detecting dairy adulteration
  • How to easily screen for both known and unknown adulterants - with nontargeted screening method
  • How to quickly detect and confirm the adulterant or contaminant with real-time detection
  • How to get Pass/Fail results in under 30 seconds with no sample prep or scientific background required
  • A new system just developed for screening milk powders: DairyGuard Analyzer

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