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Theory of Thermal Desorption

Ozone Precursor Analysis

Soil Vapor Intrusion Tubes

The Most Cost Effective Green Solution
Air Monitoring Educational Series

Join leading experts in the field of air monitoring for a series of educational webinars relating the most current aspects in this important field of environmental testing.

Throughout the year PerkinElmer is delivering a host of Air Monitoring Webinars. These events will be open to all, and free to access. We have the capacity to provide expert advice on all products and applications we manufacture and sell. So whatever your discipline or expertise, you should find a webinar topic that is of interest.  


Speakers Agenda
Lee Marotta, Sr. Field Application Scientist, PerkinElmer
 Lee has been an analytical chemist for over 20 years. Early in her career, she worked at Exxon Corporate Research developing new methods for the petroleum industry. She now works for PerkinElmer as a GC, GC/MS Field Application Scientist developing new methods and instrumentation for a variety of market. In Lee's new assignment, she is technical support for the environmental (with a focus on air) and petroleum industries. Lee has published dozens of gas chromatography applications, presented numerous papers and posters on an annual basis at major North American chromatography conferences, and is very highly regarded in her field

Carol Meyer, State of Texas 
Orsat has been involved with the implementation of the PerkinElmer Ozone Precursor System since its earliest implementation in the State of Texas Coastal Oxidant Assessment for Southeast Texas (COAST) program in 1994. Today, Orsat's services encompass all aspects of the site operation from deployment to operator training and application assistance in topics from Microsoft Windows operation to gas chromatographic theory. More

Stephen Varisco and Patrick Novak, CARO Analytical Services
One of North America’s most experienced soil vapor analysis laboratories is CARO Analytical Services, headquartered in western Canada. In operation for over 20 years, CARO has grown into a full-service environmental laboratory with locations in Edmonton, Alberta, and Richmond and Kelowna, British Columbia. Besides being experts in contaminated site testing of soil vapor, they also specialize in providing microbiological analysis, together with general chemical analysis of drinking water, wastewater, potable water, vegetation, soils and sediments.

Roberta Provost, PACE Analytical
Pace Analytical operates one of the most diversified commercial analytical laboratory networks in the nation, offering a full service environmental monitoring and analytical testing.  Pace provides organic, inorganic, radiochemistry and specialty analytical capabilities that include the analysis of trace level contaminants in air, water, soil, waste and biota. Specialty services include aquatic toxicity, asbestos, bioassay, dioxin/furan, drinking water, low level mercury, vapor intrusion analysis, stack emission testing, ambient air monitoring, groundwater, wastewater monitoring and much more.
Theory of Thermal Desorption
The archived webcast is available on The Gateway. Please click the following link, register and go to the auditorium to access it. 

-- For laboratories analyzing everything from air quality to flavors and fragrances, thermal desorption offers a faster, easier, more cost-efficient way to prepare samples for GC or GC/MS analysis
-- Thermal desorption, a perfect solution for air monitoring and analysis

Ozone Precursor Analysis
The archived webcast is available on The Gateway.  Please click the following link, register and go to the auditorium to access it..

-- Comply with U.S. EPA “Technical Assistance Document for Sampling and Analysis of Ozone Precursors”, EPA/600-R-98/161
-- Challenges with analyzing C2 to C12 volatile organic ozone-precursor compounds
-- Ozone precursor analysis using a Thermal Desorption-GC System

Soil Vapor Intrusion Tubes:  Extending the Analytical Range while Minimizing Breakthrough
Currently available on-demand, Click Here or on the "View Webinars" button 

-- An innovative tube design extends the current EPA TO-17 analyte range beyond naphthalene, and allows greaters samplimg volumes by preventing breakthrough of the most volatile target compounds.
-- the tube's compound range is from C3 to C26 at ambient temperatures and can be used for a broud range of samples
-- What is unique to British Columbia and how CARO was instrumental in building this air program. All analytical parameters will be discussed.


Single Tube Sampling and Analysis of Volatile and Semi-Volatile Organics in Air: The Most Cost Effective Green Solution
Currently available on-demand, Click Here or on the "View Webinars" button.

Learn about:
-- Enhancing productivity by measuring volatiles and semi-volatile compounds in one tube
-- How Pace Analytical Services is leading the way and implementing this critical analysis
-- Analyze range, method parameters, precision, recovery and detection limits for the target compounds will be discussed