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The webinar series in more detail:

My Sample is Not a Liquid in a Cuvette, Now What Do I Do?

- How to Choose the Correct UV/Vis/NIR Accessory for Solid Sample Materials Measurement

Measuring solid materials with a UV/Vis/NIR instrument requires both knowledge of one’s sample and the instrumental techniques available. The dual sample compartment design of the LAMDA's 650, 750, 850, 950 and 1050 has resulted in the development of numerous accessories that fit a variety of specific solid material measurement needs.

This presentation will centre on the facts and techniques that analysts need to know so that the correct accessory selection and measurements can be made.


Integrating Spheres in Molecular Spectrophotometry: Theory and Practice

- Understanding the purpose and general theory of integrating sphere operation and function

Integrating spheres are the most commonly purchased accessories for high end UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometers. They provide the ability for spectrophotometers to make a number of crucial measurements on both solid and liquid samples including scatter transmission, total reflectance (diffuse plus specular), diffuse only reflectance, and total absorbance spectra (center mount).

This webcast will explain the general theory of integrating sphere operation and function.


How to Make Accurate Specular Transmission and Reflectance Measurements

- Understanding UV/Vis/NIR Measurements in the Coatings and Glass Industry

With the advent of the growing coatings, environmental energy and solar products market, a wide variety of unique UV/Vis/NIR accessories have been developed to address the measurement of specular reflectance and transmittance. These accessories offer a wide variety of capabilities, many of which address applications specific measurements.

This webcast will focus on accessories for measurement of either transparent or opaque specular samples.

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