High-throughput oil analysis has never been easier

The OilExpress 4™ system features a high-performance Spectrum Two FT-IR spectrometer and multi-tip sampling capabilities with a synchronized multi-tasking autosampler.

The system is designed to monitor for contaminants and degradation products in oil, providing early warning and identification of component failures within an engine as well as breakdown of the lubricant material itself.

The OilExpress 4 offers:
Increased sample throughput – up to 100 samples analyzed per hour with OilExpress 4 DUO. Up to 96 4 oz bottles, or up to 384 17 mm tubes in a single unattended batch run on OilExpress 4 XL system.
Significant savings from decreased solvent waste - thanks to the intelligent adaptive cleaning system 80% or higher reduction in solvent and waste volumes compared with comparative systems.
A modular design makes it possible to scale up your sample throughput or separately utilize the oil dilution capabilities in busy laboratories that are using ICP analysis- simply upgrade the OilExpress 4 system to grow with your needs rather than purchasing additional instruments.
Rapid, reliable oil condition monitoring results using recognized industry standard protocols such as ASTM®, JOAP and Caterpillar® S•O•S™.


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