Ensure you are in pole position with the new LAMBDA S-series

The coatings business is a challenging market. Sustainability, nanotechnology, rising prices or shortages of raw materials as well as new applications are some of the top trends that are pushing coating innovations.

For unparalleled flexibility in ultra-high UV/Vis/NIR performance for wavelengths up to 2,500 nm choose the new PerkinElmer LAMBDA S-series. Perfect for applications such as highly reflective and anti-reflective coatings, color correction coatings, bandpass characteristics of UV, Vis and NIR filters, and more.

Purchase the LAMBDA S-series coatings system at a very special price. For details of the offer or to speak to a PerkinElmer representative simply complete the form.
Determining the properties of your coatings with UV/Vis/NIR can help you:
Control your processes to avoid failures and save money
Streamline your coatings processes for greater operational efficiency
Maintain your competitive edge using the latest proven technologies to achieve cost effective coating solutions that are easily applied.

Solar properties are critical to the long-term performance of substrates and the coating which protects it. UV radiation is known to contribute to the chemical modification of exposed paint surfaces resulting in loss of gloss, color change, chalking, flaking and eventually destruction of the film.

The PerkinElmer range of UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometers makes measuring solar properties easy, helping to improve your process and save money. Our instruments are known worldwide for data integrity, sampling flexibility and ease of use. Trendsetting features include snap-in modules, innovative accessories and intuitive software, all designed to make your process more efficient, versatile and productive.

Product Information

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