End of Life Announcement for Tri-Carb models 1600TR, 2000CA, 1000, 1500, Wallac 1400 series & Winspectral

Trade-in your old Tri-Carb® or Wallac and receive up to 10% discount* on the current Tri-Carb model

Old Tri-Carb Models   Current Tri-Carb Replacement*
Tri-Carb 1000   Tri-Carb B2810 or B2910
Tri-Carb 1500  
Tri-Carb 1600  
Tri-Carb 1900  
Tri-Carb 2000/2050   Tri-Carb B3110
Tri-Carb 2200/2250  
**Wallac 1400 series & Winspectral   Tri-Carb B2810, B2910, B3110
**PerkinElmer would like to remind you that the Wallac 1400 series and Winspectral instruments have been announced end of life since 2012 and service contracts will no longer be offered by end of 2013.

**Terms and conditions. Promotion is applicable to the following new instruments: WIZARD2® Automatic Gamma Counter, MicroBeta2, Tri-Carb®, and the TopCount at the published list price only. Trade-in instruments that will be accepted are Beckman, Wallac, Packard, or PerkinElmer Radiometric detection instruments. By providing a trade-in instrument, you warrant that you own and have good title to the instrument that you provide and that you will provide to PerkinElmer proof of ownership. All trade-in equipment should be in good working order, pass basic operational testing, and shall be subject to PerkinElmer’s approval. After PerkinElmer approves the trade-in request and removes the source from the instrument, Customer warrants and agrees that it will properly dispose of the equipment. Cannot be combined with any other promotions, offers or discounts, including discounted prices negotiated by contract or pricing schedule. Offer is valid on new orders only and cannot be applied to existing, pending, or prior orders. Offer may be withdrawn by PerkinElmer in its sole discretion at any time without further notice. No cash or cash equivalent. No substitutions. Discount valid through December 31, 2014. Discount applied only when the RRD031802 promotion code is utilized.

The current Tri-Carb model delivers significant hardware and software enhancements

Upgrade to the current Tri-Carb model, and you will see the difference!

  • Modern Windows based software provides a user friendly familiar interface
  • QuantaSmart dedicated instrument and data reduction software, allows for easy tabbed dialogue making protocol definition simple; includes incomplete or incorrect protocol setup warning
  • Enhanced IPA ( Instrument Performance Assessment) with 8 performance parameters IPA data stored historically for life of instrument and can be filtered by dates to easily track instrument performance
  • Automated Bar Code reader option for hands free positive sample ID minimizes errors and automatically creates worklists for easy positive sample ID
  • Replay post run data reprocessing to store all acquired data for recall if reprocessing desired to edit or refine acquisition parameters
  • Enhanced TR-LSC (Time-Resolved Counting) providing low backgrounds for extremely sensitive measurements over the whole beta energy range