LabChip GX

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Genomic DNA, RNA Analysis
LabChip GX Microfluidics Technology
Analyze up to 96 samples in less than an hour
at a fraction of the cost

Bottlenecks in DNA or RNA analysis? Why not upgrade to both faster and greater throughput at much less cost? Trade in your current bioanalyzer or fragment analyzer and discover why the LabChip GX outperforms comparable systems in reproducibility, traceability and ease of use.
PerkinElmer NGS Solutions

PerkinElmer LabChip GX is the ONLY solution that can provide High Sensitivity DNA analysis, DNA smear analysis, High Sensitivity RNA analysis, RNA integrity analysis, and gDNA integrity analysis on one platform.
Instrument LabChip GX 2100 2200 Qiaxel
Sample Format 96 or 384
well plate
96 well
plate only
96 well
plate only
Automated 96
Sample Introduction
- -
Sample Cherry
- -
Sample Barcode
- -
Standard DNA
to 12K bp
High Sens DNA
Sens RNA
gDNA Assay -
What are the threats to the integrity of your DNA sample?

Introduction of nucleases, excessive pipetting and vortexing, and improper storage are all conditions that can affect DNA integrity. Maximum yield can only be generated when the starting sample is of high quality. Only LabChip GX offers a variety of assays to assess DNA sample quality. Furthermore the LabChip GX can be used throughout the sequencing workflow, including integrity assessment of total RNA and genomic DNA to quantification and analysis of finished sequencing libraries. Sample barcodes confirm a secure sample history of each analysis.