FT-IR Educational Resource Pack: A Solid IR foundation for everybody that saves time and money

  • Accelerated learning for high efficiency
  • Ideal for IR beginners and refreshers or new employees
  • Can be used as part of a student curriculum or adapted to meet the individual needs of the institution
  • Allows training in remote locations

The 15 experiments within the resource pack are:

  1. Determination of Thickness of Cells and Thin Films
  2. Obtaining Infrared Spectra of Solids − Preparing a mull
  3. Obtaining Infrared Spectra of Solids – Using the KBrDisc technique
  4. Obtaining Infrared Spectra of Solids – Preparing a film from solution
  5. Simple quantitative analysis
  6. Obtaining infrared spectra of liquids
  7. Measuring infrared spectra with an attenuated total reflectance accessory ATR
  8. Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
  9. Synthesis of trans-and cis-isomer
  10. Analyzing vibration–rotation Spectra
  11. Determination of oil from water samples
  12. Kinetics of the oxidation of diphenylmethane
  13. Separation of colored compounds
  14. Infrared spectroscopy of polymers –recycling of plastics
  15. Synthesis and characterization of biodiesel

FT-IR Educational Resource pack.
Product number: L1608003

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