Columbus Image Data Storage and Analysis System
NEW! Remote Demo and Trial

We now have a new, more convenient way to provide you with a demo and trial of the Columbus™ Image Data Storage and Analysis System – you don't even have to leave your chair.

How does it work?
Using an installation of the Columbus system on the Amazon® Web Services AWS, we are able to provide you with remote access to Columbus.

What's the process?
First of all you need to tell us you're interested by requesting a remote demo and trial of the system by completing the form. The remote demo and trial does require a significant time commitment so the questions asked help us ensure whether you will really benefit from the experience.

Once your request has been reviewed and accepted, you will be granted access to the Columbus demo system at AWS through the World Wide Web for 2 weeks.

During this 2 week period, we will arrange a remote demo session with you to show you some of the key features of Columbus and provide you with sufficient knowledge to effectively trial the system.

Following the demo session, you will be able to access Columbus so that you can continue to trial the system until your access period ends.

Columbus Cloud

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How do I request a remote demo and trial?
To request your remote demo and free trial of Columbus, please complete the form below:

(e.g. segmentation, texture analysis, morphology analysis)