Screening for Adulterants in Olive Oil - Webinar

Adulteration for economic gain has been on the rise in recent years.  When it comes to the ingredients you use, olive oil can be one of the most adulterated.  Whether geographical origin, dilution or substitution with cheaper oils is the concern, adulterants can impact the quality of your ingredients and affect your final product.  Learn from our Food Solutions Team how to use our solutions and software to screen ingredients and ensure their authenticity.

Guest Speakers

Robert Packer
Food Solutions Development Leader
PerkinElmer, Inc.

  • Olive oil classification 


Sharon Palmer
Director of Food Strategy  & Global Applications
PerkinElmer, Inc.

  • Review various techniques and methods used to screen for adulteration


Catherine Stacey
Director, Emerging Technologies, Mass Spectrometry Applications - Food
PerkinElmer, Inc.


  • Visualization maps using Tibco Spotfire to compare quality and profiling of olive oil

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Screening for Adulterants in Olive Oil