Advanced Analytical Solutions for QA/QC in Polymers

The expectations on delivering reliable high quality products are continuously increasing. With analytical solutions from PerkinElmer you have the choice of testing a wide variety of product parameters such as temperature stability, mechanical properties, material identification, or residual monomers to name a few examples. Failure analysis is a hot topic and can play an important role when evaluating reclamations.

Our comprehensive portfolio of thermal analysis, molecular spectroscopy and chromatography techniques are providing clarifications for your day to day challenges in ensuring the quality and reliability of your polymer products. See our turnkey solutions that consist of analytical instrumentation, accessories and application packs customized for QA/QC in polymers.


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Turnkey solutions - the more you buy, the more you get for your money

Turnkey Solutions Chromatography Chromatography

Headspace / Gas Chromatography for residual solvent
– Clarus 580 GC + TurboMatrix HS40 

Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry for pyrolysis
– Clarus 680 GC + Clarus SQ 8 MS – 

Turnkey Solutions Thermal Analysis Thermal Analysis

Differential Scanning Calorimetry for temperature profile
– DSC 4000 + Chiller – 

Thermogravimetric Analyzer for decomposition behaviour
 – TGA 4000 + Chiller 

Turnkey Solutions FTIR

Infrared Spectroscopy FT-IR
FT-IR spectrometer for raw material identification
 – Spectrum Two Polymer system – 

FT-IR microscopy system for layer identification
 – Spectrum Two FTIR + Spotlight 200i microscope – 

*Offers valid until 21st of December 2015. These offers cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts. Valid in Western Europe, South Africa, Israel, Turkey.

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